Yaliesky Palma Noa was born in Cuba. His parents are Joaquin Palma and Reyma Luz Noa. He has two brothers - Yordan and Yandira.

Yaliesky who is now based in Miami, Florida, has been drawn to music since he was a child. He recalls that when he was a kid, he tried to compose a song then. However, he was never able to follow though on it.

Yaliesky turned to the closest thing to music - poetry. He enjoyed reading the works of Edgar Allan Poe, who is known for tackling Gothic themes. Of course, he also enjoyed the works of Cuban poets like Nicolas Guillen, Dulce María Loynaz, Reinaldo Arenas, Lydia Cabrera, and Jos√©¬†Lezama Lima. Later on, Yaliesky wrote his own poems.

Yaliesky went on to study Economics and Finance, as well as Business Administration. However, his desire to do music remained. At some point, he decided it was about time that he indulged his "first love."

Yaliesky's fascination with poetry turned out to be great practice for writing lyrics. He was eventually able to write his own songs.

Yaliesky has released two singles: "Pain in Love" and "Killing Me." Both songs are about heartbreak. His lyrics for these songs are infused with pathos. Yet, their melodies and beats are lighthearted and hopeful.

Yaliesky's songs are categorized as pop music, but they have a hint of a techno influence in their catchy and infectious beats.

Now that he finally has a career in music, Yaliesky aims to be as productive as he can be. He already has one upcoming single. He is now one of the Cuban American singers with a growing fan base. There's no doubt that his portfolio as a songwriter will have many more additions.